Monday, December 3, 2012

Sons of Vesuvius blog

Figli del Vesuvio is a new blog that calls itself a "meeting spot for the community around the volcano, from the coast to the Vallo di Lauro, created to promote and record the activities of [cultural-historical] organizations." For visitors to Campania, especially Friends of Herculaneum who have an inclination toward archaeological and historical things, this website is likely to offer a selection of interesting activities at any time of the year. A searchable calendar accompanies the site.

Friends of Herculaneum who read Italian AND who want to keep the finger on the pulse of cultural activities around Vesuvius, will want to follow a recently created blog called "Figli Del Vesuvio." Sons of Vesuvius are that interesting population that preserves the traditions and culture of life on the slopes of an active and classically inclined volcano. Begun in October 2012, posts cover guided tours, musical, historical, archaeological, cultural events, and excursions of all types all over Campania, from Posillipo to Ottaviano and from the coast to the Parco Nazionale Vesuvio and from Santa Maria Capua Vetere to the Campi Flegrei.  Matilde Serao, Benedetto Croce, Pulcinella, and the nameless creators of Presepe nativities are equally at home on this site.

The blog's manifest, "A Paradise inhabited by Demons?" (16 October 2012), invites contributions from numerous quarters so as to "give a collective character with numerous authors." And since its opening, indeed, those contributors have given a rich overview of the many cultural activities that can help both visitors and inhabitants of Campania a sense of the historic vibrance of Italy's Southern Jewel.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Titles from Arbor Sapientiae Press

Friends of Herculaneum may be shopping for holiday gifts of a bibliographic nature. 
Perhaps some of these titles, newly released from Arbor Sapientiae Libri in Naples, has items to interest you or your friends.

             [Santa will soon see this post and take note: I hope for items by Garcia y Garcia and Fino!]

Under the section of Pompeian archaeology and History of Campania, Arbor Sapientiae lists:

L. Jacobelli, Alèm de Pompeia: riscoprendo il fascino di Stabiae, bilingual edition in Portuguese and Italian (Longobardi: Castellammare di Stabiae, 2012).  75 euro.

L. Garcia y Garcia, Nova Biblioteca Pompeiana - 1-o Supplemento (1999-2011) con CD-ROM dell bibliografia dal 1738 al 1998, Pompeianistica archeologia e storia della Campania romana (Arbor Sapientiae: Roma, 2012). 85 euro

L.A. Scatozza, L'instrumentum vitreum di Pompei Pompeianistica archeologia e storia della Campania romana (Aracne: Roma, 2012).30 euro

A.C.C. Giordano, Gli spazi verdi dell'antica Pompei (Aracne: Roma, nd). 32 euro

L. Fino, Il Vesuvio nel Grand Tour: vedute e scritti di tre secoli, Storia di Napoli (Grimaldi: Napoli, 2012). 115 euro

L. Fino, Vesuvius and the Grand Tour: vedute and travel memoirs from the 17th to the 19th centuries, Storia di Napoli (Grimaldi: Napoli, 2012). 95 euro

L. Fino, Vedutisti e Viaggiatori a Pozzuoli, Baia, Cuma e dintorni dal XVI al XIX secolo, 2nd ed., Arte e Storia dell' Arte (Grimaldi: Napoli, 2012). 77 euro

L. Fino, Napoli e dintorni nella pittura nordica: vedute e ricordi di viaggio dell' Ottocento di artisti tedeschi, russi e scandinavi  Arte e Storia dell' Arte (Grimaldi: Napoli, 2012). 77 euro

R. D'Ambra, Napoli Antica, Storia di Napoli (Grimaldi: Napoli, 2012). 140 euro

C. Giovanni, Mappa Topografica della città di Napoli e dé suoi contorni 1775, Topografia antica e moderna (Grimaldi: Napoli, n.d.). 190 euro

Happy shopping.