Thursday, June 9, 2016

Herculaneum Field Trip 2016 for AFoH and UK Friends

The Sixth Herculaneum Congress is now scheduled for 15-17 September 2016.
The biennial visit to Herculaneum is now open for booking through the UK website.

Since 2006 each Congress in the past has involved not merely stimulating visits to Herculaneum and Pompeii but also sites that are not normally accessible to the public. This year's site visits will include an insider's visit to the Biblioteca Nazionale (Officina dei Papiri Ercolanesi) and the Royal Palace at Portici, the 18th-century reggia where artifacts from ancient Herculaneum and the Villa dei Papiri were initially shown to visitors from all over Europe. An extra day of excursions will take attendees on an optional tour to sites at the west end of the Bay of Naples, Posillip, Baiae, etc. All site visits with the group include dedicated transportation and expert guidance offered by scholars and truly learned guides.

A canvas of UK Friends of Herculaneum Society's members indicated that a majority wanted a September date this time round. Mid-September is usually a terrific time to visit Campania, a little cooler but still summery. Enrollment in the Congress is a perk of membership in the AFoH, and the organizers strive to fill three days with education, spectacular sites, and delicious meals.

See the UK Friends' site ( Congress) for booking form and more information about accommodation and travel.

Hopefully your schedule allows you to participate in this exciting event!


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