Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 AFoH Scholarships Announced

The American Friends of Herculaneum president and board are pleased to announce the awarding of two scholarships for the approaching research season. Joe Sheppard a PhD candidate in Classical Studies at Columbia University has been awarded $2500 to further at Herculaneum his photographic/archival project entitled “Mass Spectacles in Roman Pompeii as a System of Communication.” And Daniel Diffendale of the University of Michigan’s Interdisciplinary Program in Classical Art & Archaeology will receive $1500 to participate as topographer in the project entitled “Il culto di Venere a Pompei: nuove indagini nell’area sacra (VIII.1.3).”
AFoH President, Carol Mattusch observed that the board received a large number of highly qualified applications at the graduate level, but none from undergraduates this year. Thus, the board’s choice was to award the undergraduate prize to a second-place winner at the graduate/post-doctoral level. Every application received high marks from various jurors, and the overall differential between applicants was, top to bottom, very narrow.
The board is grateful that membership dues and extraordinary individual donations continue to make it possible now for a second consecutive year to fund such exciting scholarly activity as Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Diffendale are engaging. 

   Roger Macfarlane for the Board

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